Total Office Solutions, Inc. represents the industry leaders in tables for every contract furnishing need. At TOS, Inc. we can tailor a solution to your individual criteria and aesthetic requirements. Each line has been carefully selected based on our research and industry experience to provide the image, quality and productivity most appropriate for your workplace.


Distinctive details and classic components add beauty, elegance and status to this style of desking. Taking its styling cues from the 17th to 19th century master craftsmen, Traditional desks offer the end user a very distinct look with a formal tone. Some options may include:
Traditional Tables
  • Rich Woods
  • Burl Tops
  • Ornamental Molding

  • Decorative Overlays
  • Hand-Rubbed Finishes
  • Leather Accents

Transitional Tables
Transitional Tables offers a unique blend of the Contemporary feel with a Traditional soul. A blending of these two styles can offer a functional yet still attractive office that suits your needs for years to come.
Contemporary Tables
Contemporary Tables gives you a chance to showcase yourself in the now. By taking styling cues from Modern, Art Deco, Retro & Urban motifs a contemporary office is sure to show the world that you are on top of the latest workplace trends and styles along with giving you every modern convenience built right into the furniture.
Training/Teaming Tables
Training/Teaming Tables are a unique blend of form & function. Most Training/Teaming Tables offer the end user the ability to fold or compress into a smaller footprint for storage while still offering the strength & rigidity of a table ready to take on the work day. Training/Teaming Tables come in a variety of sizes, shapes & materials that will easily fit into your specific need.
Occasional Tables
Occasional Tables include: End Tables, Coffee Tables, Sofa Tables & Accent Tables. Any table categorized as non-functional or aesthetic fits this broad category. Occasional Tables come in almost every Style and Material to match your design choice.


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Top Styles

Arc TopArc Top

Boat Shape TopBoat Shape Top

Race Track TopRace Track Top

Rectangular TopRectangular Top

Round TopRound Top

Square TopSquare Top

Power & Data Centers

Power & Data Centers allow table users to access electrical & data connections in an attactive & functional manner. Most manufacturers offer factory & field installed Power & Data options. The images below are just generic examples of Power & Data Centers. We offer a wide variety of solutions from a number of manufacturers to ensure that all your needs are met.
Round Pop-upRound Pop-up

Square Pop-upSquare Pop-up

Rectangular Pop-upRectangular Flip-up

Dual Rectangular Pop-upDual Rectangular Flip-up

Table Base

Support Bases are used to support the extending end of a Peninsular Top, Worksurface, Table or Conferencing solution. In addition most Manufactures allow the end user to choose the size, type, material & functionality of the support base fit almost any desired need.
Column BaseColumn Base

Cylinder BaseCylinder Base

Disc BaseDisc Base

Panel BasePanel Base

Square BaseSquare Base

"T" Base"T" Base

"X" Base"X" Base

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