Total Office Solutions, Inc. has one the most extensive Seating portfolios in the contract furniture industry. We offer choices for all contemporary, transitional and traditional Seating applications in the office. TOS, Inc., your Total Best Solution for Seating.


This collection of Seating products provides solutions for both open plan and private office management and executive Seating. With a variety of finishes, a wide range of ergonomic options, and most importantly attention to detail, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your management and executive Seating needs.

Gunlocke Executive SeatingGunlocke Executive SeatingKimballOffice Executive SeatingKimballOffice Executive Seating

Designed for high to moderate intensity tasking situations, these Seating lines provide ergonomic features essential to keeping users comfortable and productive. With a range of aesthetics from traditional to progressive, and a variety of functions covering both active and passive ergonomics, there is a Seating solution for every person, every task, and every preference.

Allsteel Task SeatingAllsteel Task SeatingAllsteel Task SeatingAllsteel Task Seating

Conference room Seating provides a solution for every type of conference room, from formal environments to work intensive project rooms. Encompassing a range of aesthetics and function, these Seating lines provide a perfect fit for your conference room needs.

Allsteel Conference SeatingKimballOffice Conference SeatingNational (NOF) Conference SeatingNational (NOF) Conference Seating

Working at standing height Workstations, counters, and drafting tables requires comfortable ergonomics. Work stools provide both active and passive ergonomic features so that users are supported and comfortable.

Allsteel StoolsAllsteel StoolsKimball StoolsNational (NOF) Stools

Our side Seating options provide solutions for every area of the building, from the private office to the cafe. Mobile options are perfect for teaming areas, and low density stackers keep additional Seating within easy reach.

Allsteel Guest SeatingKimballOfficeGuest SeatingKimballOfficeGuest SeatingNational (NOF) Guest Seating

Learning environments have special requirements, from work chairs with few adjustments and eight hour comfort, to high density stackers with plastic seats and backs. Find the perfect fit for your learning area needs within this wide array of Seating solutions.

Allsteel Educational SeatingKI Educational SeatingKimballOffice Educational SeatingNational (NOF) Educational Seating

You have to multi-task every day – your Seating should be able to keep up. Our multi-purpose chairs provide flexible functionality so they perform in a wide variety of settings: teaming areas, project rooms, reception areas, cafes, training rooms, side Seating, and just about anywhere else they’re needed.

Allsteel Multi-Purpose SeatingAllsteel Multi-Purpose SeatingGlobal Multi-Purpose SeatingNational (NOF) Multi-Purpose Seating

These Seating solutions provide a variety of casual Seating options. From mobile soft Seating with plug-in capabilities for informal teaming areas, to low density side chairs for visitor reception, there is a solution for your reception Seating needs.

Allsteel Reception/Lounge SeatingAllsteel Reception/Lounge SeatingKimballOffice Reception/Lounge SeatingNational (NOF) Reception/Lounge Seating



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Adjustable Height arms allow the user to move the arm rest up or down to ensures a custom fit for their exact needs.

Adjustable Arms

Adjustable Arms

Pnuematic Height Adjustment allows the user to easily adjust the chair from a wide array of heights without even getting out of the seat.

Seat slide adjustments allow the seat to move forward or backward to accommodate users of different sizes for that perfect fit.

Adjustable Arms

Specialty Seating

  • 24-Hour Chair
    • The 24 Hour Chair must perform day in, day out — this type of chair will hold up to continuous use while providing an exceptional level of comfort & support. Heavy-duty controls let you quickly & simply adjust the chair to different users & different tasks. The idea use for this classification of chair is for customer service & call centers, hospitals & public-service dispatch centers.
  • Bariatric Seating
    • People come in all shapes & sizes. In addition to a large weight capacity, bariatric seating needs to blend well with other furnishings to accentuate your design specifications not stand out. Bariatric chairs are built with extra room, offering a wider sitting surface for comfort. Modern Bariatric seating offers strength & stability allowing patients feel comfortable & confident in its reliability.
  • Heavy-Duty Seating
    • Most Heavy-Duty Seating meet the 24-Hour Chair requirments. In addtion, the Heavy-Duty chair allows for greater weight loads and offer more durable material choices than your standard chair.


A caster is small wheel attached to the bottom of a chair to make it easier to move. Casters come in all shapes, styles & materials. Casters are typically designed to match the “Style” of the chair.

  • Hard Caster offer a higher load capacity are easy rolling and require minimal effort to push start a load.
  • Soft Casters provide a smoother more cushioned ride, however, are generally more expensive.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar is the region of the spine between the diaphragm and the pelvis; it supports the most weight and is the most flexible. The adjustable lumbar mechanisms in seats allow the user to change the seat back shape in this region, to make it more comfortable.
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