Private Office Furniture

Private Office Furniture

Total Office Solutions, Inc. represents the industry leaders in contract furniture Casegoods and Desking. At TOS, we can tailor a solution to your individual criteria. Each line has been carefully selected based on our research to provide the image, quality and productivity most appropriate for your workplace.


Distinctive details and classic components add beauty, elegance and status to this style of desking. Taking its styling cues from the 17th to 19th century master craftsmen, Traditional desks offer the end user a very distinct look with a formal tone. Some options may include:
  • Rich Woods
  • Burl Tops
  • Ornamental Molding
  • Wood Doors
  • Glass Doors

  • Grille Overlay
  • Decorative Overlays
  • Hand-Rubbed Finishes
  • Antique Bronze Pulls
  • Leather Accents

Transitional Desking offers a unique blend of the Contemporary feel with a Traditional soul. A blending of these two styles can offer a functional yet still attractive office that suits your needs for years to come.
Contemporary Desking gives you a chance to showcase yourself in the now. By taking styling cues from Modern, Art Deco, Retro & Urban motifs a contemporary office is sure to show the world that you are on top of the latest workplace trends and styles along with giving you every modern convenience built right into the furniture.
Modular desking is a unique blend of Contemporary desking & cubical supported desking that allows the end user to have the feel of an enclosed office yet the openness of a teaming environment. Modular desking offers a wide variety of design options in the most contemporary & modern materials.


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Conferencing Tops

Boomerang StyleBoomerang Style

"Bullet or D-Top" Style"Bullet or D-Top" Style

Linear "J" StyleLinear "J" Style

Linear Peninsular StyleLinear Peninsular Style

"P-Top" Style"P-Top" Style



A Grommet is an eyelet placed in a hole in a work surface or panel to protect or insulate a cable passed through it. Most manufactures offer desks with or without grommets and some even allow you to specifically place them on the right, center or left in a variety of combinations.


A Hutch is a free standing unit that usually has flipper, hinged door cabinets or open shelves and sits directly on the desk surface. Most Hutches can be fitted with a tack board or a tool rail system to support an organized work flow. In general, most hutches also accommodate mounting a task light for illuminating the work surface below.

Modesty Panel

A modesty panel is a component generally made of wood or metal that is attached to the front of a desk or underside of a work surface. It is intended to shield legs, ankles, or feet from view in a variety of circumstances. The panel provides privacy for the person seated at the desk, as it covers the upper part of the legs. This privacy role is particularly useful in cases where the desk is positioned facing forward towards the “public side” of the desk. The modesty panel may provide structural support for the four legs of the desk or work surface. The modesty panel may also be used as a place for affixing electric, computer, or electrical cabling.





Lateral FileLateral File

Mobile Box/FileMobile Box/File


Support Base

Support Bases are used to support the extending end of a Peninsular Top, Worksurface, Table or Conferencing solution. In addition most Manufactures allow the end user to choose the size, type, material & functionality of the support base fit almost any desired need.
Column BaseColumn Base

Cylinder BaseCylinder Base

Disc BaseDisc Base

Panel BasePanel Base

Square BaseSquare Base

"T" Base"T" Base

"X" Base"X" Base

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